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08. The Slave & The Master

Shaykh Muhammad speaks about the relationship between a slave (oneself) and his Master (Allah ta'ala) and how to become a good slave in the court of our Lord.
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In this lecture the Shaykh goes through the importance of praising Allah ta'ala and remembering Him always. The best example we have is that of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and the noble men of Allah ta'ala hidden around the world, whose only goal in this life is to attain 'Ma'arifah' (Knowledge and proximity towards Allah ta'ala). Shaykh Muhammad reminds us that our Rizq (sustenance) is decreed from Allah ta'ala and how we must free ourselves from the shackles of this world and how to submit to our duty as a slave of Allah ta'ala - creator of all the worlds.